Cracks, heat treatment (material), tap defects, etc. can be test, and if necessary, the three kinds of test can be integrated into one equipment.

Model with excellent price and performance.

Key Features

  • Multipurpose unit(CT + HT + TAP)

  • Machine learning algorithm

  • User friendly

  • Full-scale test

Application field

  • Heat treatment Test Hardenss defect after heat treatment / Misisng heat treatment process /
    Non-heat treatment / Sorting of dissimilar materials with same shapes
  • Crack Test Micro cracks / Cracks after heat treatment /
    Cracks during hot forging and cold forging / Cracks during processing
  • Distorted tap
    Unprocessed / Double thread / Damaged thread / Small, Big diameter defect / Residual chip defect
    / Iron, non-ferrous(aluminum, copper, SUS, etc)
  • Combined Test Combination of crack + Structure (heat treatment) + Tap Test