It is the optimal eddy current testing equipment for comprehensive test of cracks and heat treatment (material) defects, and can secure accurate defect detection by applying multi-frequency technology.

If necessary, cracks and heat treatment (material) testing can be conducted in parallel.

Key Features

  • Multi-frequency configuration

  • Full-scale test

  • Multipurpose unit(CT + HT)

  • Machine learning algorithm

  • Test record function

Application field

  • Heat treatment Test Hardness defect after heat treatment / Poor hardening or carburization depth /
    Sorting of dissimilar materials with same shapes / Missing heat treatment process
  • Crack Test Micro cracks / Cracks after heat treatment / Cracks during hot forging and cold forging /
    Cracks during processing
  • Multi-frequency TestTest at up to eight frequencies with different metal penetration depths, from surface to deep points.
  • Composite Test Crack + structure (heat treatment) composite composition